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For Here Too There is Space For Art, 2014

Public Installation

This work is part of an ongoing project initiated by Salvatore in 2014 that questions the nature of the use of public space for private purposes.
It consists of spontaneous occupations of public spaces.
An example is the occupation that the artist performed in December 2014 that divided Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Cinelândia Square in two with a barrier of nets, the same that are typically used to delimitate construction sites.
These occupations have tested the attitude of people to adapt to spatial limitations without questioning the nature and the eventual reasons for these types of limitations.
During the exhibition Fragmento (2015) the artist occupied temporarily with structures such as nets, beds and cones, random areas in Rio de Janeiro city center, around the cultural corridor, without disclosing to the public the sites locations and left uncertainty about the nature of each construction site encountered in the area.

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