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Rio de Janeiro, January 2021

Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, MNBA

CAMPO is an activation project created by the artist Lucio Salvatore to transform the National Museum of Fine Arts MNBA Rio de Janeiro into a field hospital to carry out tests for the SARS Cov2 virus available to the community for free.

The reopening and temporary transformation of the MNBA, which has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic, proposed by Salvatore is part of the program to commemorate the museum's 84th anniversary.

The action was designed to welcome at MNBA those who feel the need to test for the coronavirus, for example, because they have mild symptoms, or because they came into contact with people suspected of having the disease, and who are not having access to testing in public health structures.

‘Social transformation comes through institutional transformation, and as an artist I wanted to transform a temple of arts into a place to serve the other, the most fragile ones ...
Health, as well as culture is a collective asset that needs everyone's care, and this is what art can do ... heal. ’ Lucio Salvatore 

Lucio Salvatore's opening and transformation of the Museum of Fine art of Rio de Janeiro in a field hospital
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